Fun With Pumpkins: 5 Homemade Fall Decorations Using Everyone’s Favorite Gourd

We thought this article would be timely since we are hosting a Fall Festival Pumpkin Decorating Contest through Thanksgiving.  This Do-it-yourself (DIY) article may give you a few additional ideas on how to decorate with pumpkins!  When you think of fall decorations that involve pumpkin, your mind probably goes straight to jack-o-lanterns, right? Even after Halloween there’s still a wealth of ways to turn those decorative gourds into DIY fall crafts that turn your home into a celebration of the season.

 Five Pumpkin-ful Homemade Fall Decorations

 1) Pumpkin Centerpiece

When you’re working out what Thanksgiving decorations to use for your dining room table: think orange. There are lots of ways you can use pumpkins in a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can turn them into vases filled with fall-colored flowers. You can surround them with other colorful fall gourds, fall leaves, candles, and pinecones. You can decorate them with flowers, bows, and ribbon.

Or you can do some combination of all the ideas above. Whatever direction you take, with pumpkins at the center, you’ll give your 

pumpkins lit from within

Thanksgiving a distinct Fall feel.

 2) Pumpkin Lanterns

Take the idea of the jack-o-lantern and make it less spooky. A few pumpkins, a drill, and a candle and you’ve got a lovely fall lantern. You could also choose to carve some more distinct designs into them instead.

These homemade fall decorations will look great on your front porch, along your walkway, or lighting up your dining room as additional Thanksgiving decorations.

 3) Pumpkin Candle Holders

Some people look at pumpkins and immediately see opportunities for DIY fall crafts. That’s how multiple DIY blogs have come across the idea of turning pumpkins into adorable candleholders.

 These simple DIY decorations add color, light, and fall atmosphere to any room you put them in.

 4) Pumpkin Wreath

Adorn your front door with some pumpkin crafts as well. Re-purpose an old wreath with added pumpkins for a distinct fall-themed 

Wreath made with small pumpkins

decoration all your neighbors can appreciate.

5) Pumpkin Teddy Bear

Arguably the cutest and most personable DIY fall craft on the list, strategically connecting a few pumpkins of different sizes can create a teddy bear made all out of pumpkins.  That’s a fall decoration easy for anyone to love.

Pumpkins are one of the most iconic symbols of fall. They immediately bring a sense of the season to any scene they’re brought into. Getting crafty with the popular orange vegetable can quickly bring some extra cheer to your home.

Don’t forget – you can always make use of the seeds and insides for eating, so you make those pumpkin investments go even further!

Don’t forget to enter the allU.S. Fall Festival Pumpkin Decorating Contest because we want to see how creative you are!  It’s easy to enter:  Just decorate your pumpkin and upload a photo on the allU.S. Facebook page or upload on Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #alluspumpkincarving.  Or, just bring your photos to the branch and be entered in the contest.

Happy Decorating!

Source:  bvblogs