A New Card with Improved Security

We’ve implemented chip technology (EMV) into your Visa debit/credit cards to provide added security to your accounts.

Your next issued VISA Check Card will have the special chip.  EMV cards improve security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe cards that relied on signature verification and the authentication of the card by merchants and their employees.  In most cases merchants were not performing the verification so the ability of criminals to manufacture “fake” cards has become an issue the last several years.  The new EMV card will offer increased protection for those transactions where a card is presented by the inclusion of the “chip” as it is embedded with additional encryption.  Merchants that do not have point of sale terminals to verify the “chip” will become liable for these transactions.  Today your financial institution bears the responsibility for these losses.

To help you navigate through the transition to a chip card, we’ve put together some helpful information for you.

What’s New – Debit Card

  • An embedded chip (EMV) that will provide you with an added level of security
  • If the merchant is “chip-ready”, you will insert your card into the machine and leave it there until you complete your transaction
  • If the merchant is not “chip-ready”, you will swipe your card like you are used to doing.

What Stays the Same?

  • Your debit card number and PIN
  • The magnetic strip will continue to work at machines that aren’t chip enabled

What To Do

  • Activate your new card immediately
  • Destroy your old card
  • Update card information with any services or merchants where you’ve stored your payment information (e.g., Apple Pay, Amazon, Internet service providers, etc.)
  • Once you activate your new chip card, you can start using it immediately

How Do I Use It?

  • Insert your chip card into the reader and leave it in the machine until your transaction is complete
  • If applicable, sign or enter your unique PIN
  • Remove your card when prompted

Important Tips

  • Never let anyone get your PIN nor write it on your card
  • New EMV/Chip cards will not change internet transactions or card not present transactions
  • Point of Sale Terminals (ATM or merchant terminals) will keep your card until the transaction is complete.  Please do not leave until your card is in your hand.