7 Ways to Avoid Stress this Thanksgiving

Are you getting stressed just thinking about Thanksgiving approaching? There are several reasons why it can give us the jitters – especially if you’re planning a giant feast for a house full of people. Fortunately, according to http://www.about.com, there are lots of ways to ease your turkey-day tension!

Make a plan

From getting an early head count to deciding your menu well in advance, you’ll feel better knowing that your plan is under control. Let your list include everything from the guest list and menu to when you’ll decorate, shop for supplies, cook and clean.

Do a potluck meal.

Ask each guest to bring a dish to help ease your burden. Be sure to keep track of everyone’s intended contributions to avoid serving four green bean casseroles. And get them to help clean up afterward.

Give recipes a test run.

Want to cook a new recipe? Give it a trial run before Thanksgiving so you have time to plan an alternative if it doesn’t work out.

Prioritize your cleaning.

Tidy up the clutter before anything else, and clean your kids’ rooms last, or not at all. The goal is to clear and clean the areas that will be used by your guests, not every last corner of your home. Better yet, hire a cleaning service – it may be well worth the extra cost!

Use disposable pans.

Use disposable pans when possible, especially for the turkey. Turkey drippings make for very greasy, hard-to-scrub pans. But be sure to avoid accidents by placing a large pan or cookie sheet under your fully filled disposable pan for safe carrying.

Set your table the day before.

Better yet, have your spouse or kids do it for you!

Cook as far ahead as possible.

Don’t save the entire meal for Thanksgiving Day. About a week before the event, look at all your recipes and decide which ones can be prepared in advance and reheated without sacrificing flavor or texture. Desserts work especially well – there are plenty of pies, cakes and puddings that can be made days in advance, saving you time on Thanksgiving for all of your other work.

Happy Turkey Day from the Board and staff of allU.S. Credit Union.