Freshen Up Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

If the warmer air and budding trees of spring make you want to freshen your house, you’re not alone.  Many of us still do annual spring-cleaning but also want to redecorate.  We have a sudden urge to clear all the clutter from our homes, clean everything from top to bottom and update with new, modernized finds. Here are some tips on how to freshen up your space without spending much.

Do a 3-Second Scan

Itching to redecorate but unsure how to start? Grab a pen and paper and walk into a room with your eyes closed.

Then, open your eyes and scan the room for three seconds, noting three things that visually bother you. Those will be your redecorating starting points.

A New Rug 

A new rug is a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your home without totally redecorating a room. If it’s in a sitting, dining or living area, place an oversized rug under furniture to anchor each piece to the space. In a bathroom, switch out old, worn rugs with a few clean and simple picks.   The best places to pick out new rugs are Ikea, Overstock and Rugs USA.


One of the best ways to make your home feel like spring is to purge it of belongings you no longer use, need or want.

New Hardware

Modernized hardware is a fantastic way to add a pop of “new” to your home décor. Whether you’re adding the hardware to cabinets, furniture, light switch places or even doorknobs, you would be shocked at the difference new hardware makes.

Rearrange or Repaint Furniture

Sometimes just moving the sofa and chairs gives your room a fresh look for spring. Take a look at each room and see what changes moving the furniture will make.

If you’re feeling crafty, repaint some of your furniture to brighten it for spring. Consider a makeover outdoor furniture as well.

Update Photo and Art Frames

A simple inventory and replacement of outdated frames can really spruce up your home. Purchase something really simple, or you can even paint dollar store frames in a color you love to make a statement.

Paint your Trim

Most homes now have crisp, white trim, and it can be really hard to keep them looking clean.  A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, and that’s especially true on trim, baseboards and crown moldings.  Refreshing these surfaces won’t cost you nearly as much as painting a whole room.

Update Your Window Treatments

Raise curtain rods to the ceiling, then add floor-length drapes to visually enlarge a room.  You can also line French doors with simple curtains that can change seasonally.

Add a Floral Tablecloth

A floral tablecloth can keep your blooms eternal without breaking the bank.

Update Your Kitchen

–                Show off your dishes, glasses and serving pieces with open shelves.

–                Create a family message center by painting kitchen pantry doors with chalkboard paint.

–                Tile a backsplash for a low-cost customization.

–                Add a splash of red in a white or neutral kitchen. 

Add a New Bed Skirt or Pillow Shams

Brighten up your bedroom with a colorful bed skirt or pillow shams. With the right color or pattern, you can make the room feel refreshed without investing time or money into redecorating.

Hang a Flower Wreath or Display

Greet visitors at your front door with a wreath created with spring flowers.

Add A Plant To An Empty Corner

The pop of color from green plants or bright flowers will make you feel as if spring has sprung in every room in the house.

Add Curb Appeal

Replace an entry light with coach lighting for historic appeal.  Build a stone or brick pave entrance walkway or paint the front door in a can’t miss it shade of red.  And while you’re at it, replace the front-door handle with a sleek updated set.

Add Deck Lighting

It’s spring and now’s your chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Add some new lighting to your deck to prepare it for al fresco dining and more.  If hardwired lighting and an electrician aren’t in your budget, try some accent lighting with flameless candles.

No matter the size of your home, a little creativity is all you need to freshen its look for spring. You can still update your home without breaking the bank. Resist the temptation to max out a card with a complete redesign, and opt for these simple steps to update the look of your home.  Remember, your house is building equity….equity you can use now.  Just a nibble can remodel your kitchen, replace old furniture and appliances, or land you on a tropical beach. Enjoy a slice of your home’s sweet value with a low interest home equity loan from allU.S. Credit Union.  Email us for more details at [email protected]