Tips for a Frugal Fourth of July

We like the Fourth of July because unlike some of the more gift-oriented holidays, the 4th can be celebrated with family and friends without spending a lot of cash. If your family is on a budget there are plenty of ways to celebrate cheaply.  Here are just a few suggestions.

1)  Host a potluck and ask each invited guest to bring his or her favorite dish to share. This way everyone gets to enjoy a wide variety of treats.   This is suddenly a patriotic spread at a lower cost to every guest.

If a potluck isn’t an option then talk to your butcher and ask about any unadvertised specials.  Certain cuts or packaged meat might be less expensive but just as tasty.

When produce is in season, it’s both fresher and less expensive than some other choices.  

How about creating a signature beverage.  Instead of providing many drink options, create one signature.  By making this beverage in large batches, you’ll save money on ingredients and reduce waste.

2)  One of the best things about the Fourth of July is it most likely will be an outside event. And, the best thing about playing outside is that a lot of outdoor games don’t require any expenditures.

3)  There are so many Fourth of July decorations that you can make for FREE.  This is a great way to get your kids involved in the holiday planning.  If you need some inspiration, the allU.S. Pinterest page has plenty of inexpensive 4thof July ideas.

4)  The Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without fireworks.  You can start with small home fireworks for the kids, like sparklers and poppers, which are safer options.  When the sun sets, you can head to a local fireworks show and kick back while colorful flashes light up the sky.  If you’re going to set off your own fireworks, be sure to abide by your local firework laws.

5)  Be sure to shop after the holiday and stock up on decorations for next year’s party. Most themed decorations will cost a lot less after the holiday has come and gone.

6)  Another great way to celebrate the 4this to go camping.  What better way to celebrate the birthday of America than a visit to a national park?  Most of these parks require you to book ahead so check their online booking systems before you hit the road.  If you can’t find a spot away from home then set up a camping experience in your own backyard.  

Remember, a successful Fourth of July does not need to be measured by how much money you spend. You can have an awe-inspiring experience without breaking the bank.  You just have to look for deals, think creatively and spend frugally.  Have a booming Fourth of July on a budget!