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Serving thousands of members from the Monterey Peninsula to the Salinas Valley

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allU.S. was originally founded in 1950 as the Monterey County Employees Credit Union, with the express purpose of providing services to employees of the County of Monterey, and their family members. Since our inception, we have expanded our field of membership to include a select number of employer groups. And, as of June of 2008, allU.S. Credit union welcomed former members of Monterey Columbian Federal Credit Union to our field of membership. As recently as September of 2013, we changed our name to allU.S.and have stuck with it ever since. allU.S. currently serves thousands of members from the Monterey Peninsula to the Salinas Valley.

We have members, not customers.

At allU.S. Credit Union, we believe in putting members first, no matter what!! That’s why we offer competitive rates and lower fees, creating quality and value for our members. We believe in serving the community and totally focusing on the people we serve. Even during a time where society values a culture of savings, we encourage our members to develop lifelong saving habits. At allU.S., we value cooperation over competition, and members over profits. That means that we are investing in our homegrown industries, products, services, and jobs.

Experience what it means to be Positively Different by banking with allU.S. Credit Union. It matters to us where you borrow or invest your money, because when you do business with allU.S., you’re the owner. That means that our managers want the financial cooperative to create wealth for its members through higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees for our members. Most importantly, your dollars stay in Monterey County when you invest or borrow from allUS. Not for profit, not for charity, but for service, quality and value. That is the credit union motto.

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