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Go Green - It's a no-brainer investment!

July 30, 2014 - by Patrick Redo

Green Loans

You’ve probably spent plenty of time thinking about how to invest your money, but how often have you considered investing in the environment? Global warming is a pressing issue, especially in the U.S. Although our country makes up only 4.5% of the world population, we account for over 20% of the planet’s carbon emissions! The good new is every individual has the power to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. By making small lifestyle changes today, we ultimately invest in a greener tomorrow. So treat the earth like the asset it is, and start taking action!

At home:

With your car:

At work:

Whether it’s building green, driving green or saving green, allU.S. Credit Union is here to help.  Our Green Loan promotion is for anyone seeking to purchase appliances that are energy efficient, or who want to make moderately priced energy efficient improvements to their home (i.e., energy-efficient air conditioners, furnace, water heaters and appliances; home weatherization and insulation; energy-efficient windows and doors; energy-efficient roofing; or incandescent light fixture replacement).

If you are looking to install a solar system for your home we can help you with that as well.

If a single person can make a difference, think of the impact we all can make! Tell your family and friends about all the ways they can invest in a different kind of green at allU.S., Credit Union.  Apply today at

*Credit Score 740 And Up: Max Loan Amount $25,000.00 Max Term 48 Mos. At A Rate Of 3.00%. Credit Score 680-739 Max Loan Amount $25,000.00 Max Term 48 Mos At A Rate Of 4.50%. Credit Score 630-679 Max Loan Amount $25.000.00 Max Term 48 Mos At A Rate Of 6.00%. Green Auto Loans And Solar Loan Rates Are Based Off Credit Union Current Rate Sheets. Offer Good Through September 30, 2014.






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