Football season is officially here which means it’s time to prepare for your perfect tailgate. Friends, fall weather, football, hot wings, and beverages of your choice….what could be better?  If you’re hosting a football party for your favorite team (preferably the 49ers), here are tips to help you throw an epic party.

  1. Plan your menu around what you can buy in bulk at Costco, Wallmart and Sam’s Club.  Even if it’s too much food for one game, save it for the next one.
  2. Prep your food the night before.  Snacks like dips, salads, and desserts can be made ahead of time to give you more time with your guests.
  3. If you’re not grilling, stick to finger food that are easy to eat and can be served without utensils. Space is always limited.  The easy solution?  Premade grub that fits in a bun or wrap, or meat served on the bone, like drumsticks. If you don’t cook, think about having your party catered.  It will remove the stress of preparation and they tear down and clean up when the party is over.  
  4. All your paper items and decorating supplies don’t have to be fancy, just functional. Check out the Dollar Store for all your party needs.
  5. Music is a necessity!  Use your wireless speaker to play tunes to pump up your guests.  Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora have pre-built playlists just for this occasion.
  6. Desserts may be your time to shine.  Click here to find 18 amazing football themed desserts!
  7. Keep it simple and most of all Have Fun!  You can’t please everyone so don’t overdo it.  
  8. Show your team spirit.  True tailgaters proudly show their support of the team, so dress in team colors or jerseys!

Have a fun and safe tailgate season cheering on your favorite football teams!  Share your best tailgate party ideas with us! Comment below or on our Facebook page with your favorite tips