Discover Halloween Savings

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October is the favorite among kids and adults and is a month of pumpkins, costumes, candy, ghosts and skeletons.  It’s also a time when parents open their wallets to spend on Halloween purchases that can really add up.  Try not to let the first holiday of the fall season break your budget.  Read these tips to determine ways to reduce those ghoulish costs.


For those items you need for trick-or-treating, think about budget-friendly choices.  Instead of buying overpriced baskets from the store, use a pillowcase or shopping bag to collect the treats.  Not only will you save money, it’s a chance to be creative by decorating the bag to match your child’s costume.  

Halloween Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending a friend’s event you can make a big impression without draining your bank account.

·     Plan ahead to avoid last-minute splurges

·     Make a realistic budget to avoid the temptation to overspend.

·     Keep your decorations in good condition, store them away and reuse them in future years.

·     Make decorating a group activity by involving your children and their friends. Construction paper, glue, colored pencils and a lot of imagination can go a long way.

·     To counterbalance your holiday costs, host a party with other friends or family and share the expenses.

·     Shop clearance sales for next year.  Purchase items after Halloween to realize savings on costumes and decorations. 

Budget-Friendly Costumes

Whether you are buying a costume for yourself or your children, you don’t have to break the budget to have spine-chilling costumes.  Below are a few ways to save money on costumes.

·     Skip the seasonal store and find your outfit elsewhere.  You can find what you need at consignment stores or Goodwill at a much lower price.

·     Trade with friends.  Kids don’t usually wear the same costume consecutive years.  Consider swapping costumes with similar age children.

·     If you really need a complete costume, check online Halloween stores or other discount sites.  You can usually find cost-conscious costumes.

Purchase Your Pumpkins Last Minute

Waiting until the last few days before Halloween to buy your pumpkins will save you some dollars. And, you won’t have the issue of the rotting pumpkins before Halloween.  

Buy Candy in Bulk

The best way to save on candy is to buy in bulk at warehouse retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club.  The Dollar Store will also offer name brand candy at a lower price.  If you are a procrastinator many retailers begin marking down their holiday merchandise the day before Halloween.  Don’t forget to use your coupons!

Our team at allU.S. Credit Union love a good scare, but we love saving money even more. Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy both.  You can keep costs within your budget and still have a spooktacular time.