Product & Service Fees

We strive to keep service fees as low as possible for our members.  However, as costs increase, certain changes are necessary to sustain the financial health of the credit union while staying highly competitive in the marketplace. After careful analysis, the following account fees became effective on October 1, 2018.

Effective 10/1/2018

Product/Service Fee
ATM-Empty Envelope Fee
Account Activity Printout
$2.00 / page
Account Research
$25.00 / hour
Account Verification Fee
ATM - Balance Inquiry
ATM Deposit Adjustment Fee
Bill Pay-Online Return Fee
Branch Telephone Transfer Fee
Cashed Check Fee
1% of check amount or $5.00, whichever is greater
Closure By Mail
Check Copy
Counter Checks
3 / $5.00
Check/Cashier's Check
Cashiers Checks Payable to Member-Free; Other Payee $5.00
Early Closure fee
If an account is closed within 90 Days of opening, the member does not get their $25 returned.
XMas Club Early Closure Fee
Escheat Letter
Fax Service
$2.00 per page
$25.00 minimum per request
Inactive Account Fee
$5.00 monthly (Accounts with balances of less than $200 after 12 months of no activity)
Initial Membership Fee
Incoming Wires
Lien Satisfied
Mortgage Loan Application Fee
Call Credit Union Representative
Notary fee for non-CU documents
NSF ATM/Point-of-Sale/Debit Card Purchase
$30.00 per item
NSF-Paid (Courtesy Payment)
$30.00 per item
$30.00 per item
Outgoing Wires-Domestic
$20.00 per wire
Outgoing Wires-International
$40.00 per wire
Overdraft Transfer Fee
$5.00 each occurrence
Payday Loan Fee
$45 for 2 weeks or $75 for 4 weeks
Returned Check Fee (Share deposit or loan pmt)
$30.00 per item
Returned Mail Fee
Re-open an Account within 90 days
$25.00 plus par
Savings Withdrawal Fee
3 FREE per month, $2.50 each additional
Statement Copy
$5.00 each
Monthly paper statement in lieu of eStatement
$5.00 *Monthly paper statements will continue to be free for our members age 60 and over.
Stop Payment
$15.00 per item
Subordination Fee
MC Check Card - non CO-OP ATM
MC Check Card (Debit Card) Point-of-Sale
Master Card (MC) Check Card (Debit Card) Signed Transaction (Easy... No PIN, No Fee)
MC Check Card ATM Transactions
FREE at all CO-OP ATMs
Verification of Deposit Fee
Visa Credit Over-The- Limit Coverage
You can "opt in" for over-the-credit-limit coverage. The fee is a flat $10.00 per billing cycle if you go over your limit.
MC Credit/Check Card replacement Fee
$10.00 per request
VISA Draft Copy Fee
VISA/MC Check Card Pin Reissue
VISA/MC Check Card Foreign Transaction
Fee charged by vendor passed to member
Expedited fee for ATM/Debit and Visa Credit Card orders

Service Fee Change

Service Past Fee New Fee
Expedited fee for ATM/Debit and Visa Credit Card orders
Return or Undeliverable Mail
Paper Statement
Monthly paper statement in lieu of eStatement
Notary fee for non-CU documents

*Monthly paper statements will continue to be free for our members age 60 and over.

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