Historic Buildings Located Within the “Salinas Lincoln Avenue Corridor”

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The Historic Resources Board has been tasked by City Council “to protect Salinas’ architectural heritage assets for education, community revitalization and the promotion of heritage tourism.”An important role of the Board is to “Provide guidance to property owners on the restoration, alteration and maintenance of Salinas’ historic resources.”

To fulfill this role, the Historic Resource Board is providing the City Council information on the historic buildings in the future development area of the Salinas Lincoln Avenue Corridor Development project.

The purpose of this informational report is to address therevitalization project of the City’s historic downtown “Salinas Lincoln Avenue Corridor.“This is part of and complimentary to the Salinas Downtown Vibrancy Plan.

To learn more about the recommendations of The Historic Resources Board of Salinas about this topic or to read the full “Informational Report on Historic Buildings Located within the Salinas Lincoln Avenue Corridor” please click here.