Auto Loans

AllU.S. Credit Union is ready to offer you the loan choices that fit your budget. Whether buying a new or used vehicle from a private party or a dealership, we go beyond just having low rates.

We offer Guaranteed Auto Protection, protecting the value of your car. We also offer Mechanical Breakdown Protection, protecting your vehicle outside of your warranty. And the best part of (protecting)”financing” your vehicle with AllU.S.? We offer rates that are far lower than car dealerships.

With AllU.S. Credit Union, you have the opportunity to capitalize on:

  • Flexible terms and payments up to 84 months
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Easy online application, or in-person, by mail , or fax
  • Refinance an existing loan or a vehicle you own outright
  • Easy to make ACH loan payments your choice: Payroll Deduction, Online Payment Transfer and Pay Now (on website)
  • Affordable debt protection coverage available

We’re here to help! AllU.S. Credit
Union has the tools to help you:

  • Understand your credit report before you buy
  • Research cars and enhance your car buying experience
  • Calculate Your Payments
  • Know the Difference Between Dealer Financing & Credit Union Financing

We Have Other Options, Too!

AllU.S. credit union has the tools, resources, and expertise needed to build your financial security and empower your financial success. You may think that because you have less than perfect credit, that you couldn’t qualify to buy a vehicle, consolidate debt, or get a personal loan. You are NOT alone! That’s why we developed our Loyalty Loan Program – for those who have blemished credit scores or are having a difficult time qualifying for a loan.

And for those who feel that they do not qualify for a traditional vehicle loan, AllU.S. offers Title Loans for members who own a vehicle outright. With this type of loan, you may be eligible to borrow up to 50% of your car’s value using its title as collateral. allU.S. Credit Union will appraise the vehicle to obtain value and will be listed as lien holder until the loan is paid in full.

Automobile Loan Rates
Terms Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as
low as:
Up to 36 months
3.44% - 14.68%
Up to 48 months
3.44% - 14.68%
Up to 60 months
3.68% - 14.68%
Up to 72 months*
3.94% - 7.94%
Up to 84 months*
4.94% - 6.94%

*loan terms may not be available to all borrowers

All loans from allU.S. Credit Union are based on approved credit. All loan rates with the exception of Visa Secured and Share/Certificate Secured loans are approved based on individual credit worthiness. We use a combination of the individual’s FICO score as well as other factors to determine the rate that will be offered.

*APR (Annual Percentage Rate) assumes .25% for automatic payments. Rates vary with amount financed, and term, and credit history. A rate reduction of 0.50% is offered to those members who have an active checking account with direct deposit, automatic loan payment or automatic transfer. Discontinuance of the qualifying relationship will cause the APR to increase by the applicable rate reduction. Any increase in the APR will result in more payments of the same amount until what you owe has been repaid in full. Some restrictions apply. Rates, terms, and conditions subjects to change at without notice.

**The maturity date for loans secured by share certificates will be no later than the maturity date of the share certificate used to secure the loan. Share loans require pledging 110% of the loan amount.

This Preferred Rate discount is not available with other discounts or promotions, or with Visa, Share or Certificate Secured loans or Real Estate loans.