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Donation Guidelines

To apply for a donation from allU.S. Credit Union, simply complete the following steps and submit the information to our branch or email us at telleraction@alluscu.com.

Step 1

Prepare a proposal letter, no longer than three typed pages, including the following information:

Step 2

Please attach the following documents:

Typically, a small amount is set aside for requests throughout the year. These requests, like all requests, are considered based on the information provided in steps 1 and 2 above and must align with our overarching categories: children and families, education, the local economy, physical and mental health, housing and the environment. We make every effort to respond to requests in a timely manner; usually within 30 days. However, most of our contributions are determined through the budgeting process, which starts in August and ends with category allocations decided in late fall/early winter. Submitting your upcoming year's project information to allU.S. Credit Union by the end of September is important and helpful.

allU.S. is not able to fund:

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