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allU.S. Credit Union takes the financial well being of our members very seriously. We’re committed to being your financial advocate, providing you the necessary resources to better manage your money and make informed financial choices.


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Loan Payments Online

We Now Accept Online Payments

Make a payment on your allU.S. loan with your Visa or MasterCard Debit or Credit Card.

allUS Online Loan Payment

Notary Public

FREE notary service to credit union members for credit union related documents. $5.00 for non CU documents.

Just CONTACT US to make an appointment.

Wire Transfers

Receiving Financial Institution: allU.S. Credit Union

Routing Number (ABA Number): 321175711

This information, along with your name and account number, will give you the peace of mind that your money will be deposited quickly and safely.

Wire Instructions to receive money in your account at allU.S.

Wire To:

  • Alloya Corporate FCU
    4450 Weaver Parkway
    Warrenville, IL 60555
  • S. Acct No.: #321175711
  • Routing Number: #271987635


  • S. Credit Union
    1410 N Main St.
    Salinas, CA 93906

 Account Number:

  • Account to be credited at allU.S. 321175711 followed by your name and account number at the credit union.

To complete a wire transfer, you will need to SIGN A FORM IN PERSON at our office.

For International wires, the bank overseas needs to first send the wire to a Financial Institution in the United States that they correspond. Once the wire is received by that bank in the United States, they can then use the instructions shown above.

Security Tips

Is your Personal Information Secure Online?

Protecting your personal information can help reduce your risk of identity theft. With the constant over sharing on social media and the recent data breaches, it’s beneficial to take a step back and review how to keep your personal information safe online.

At least 14 retailers were hacked and likely had information stolen from them since January 2017

At least 14 separate security breaches occurred from January 2017 until now. Many of them were caused by flaws in payment systems, either online or in stores. These retailers include Sears, Kmart, Delta Airlines, Best Buy, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Under Armour, Panera Bread, Forever 21, Sonic, Whole Foods, Gamestop, Arbys, Learn more with this article at Business Insider .

allU.S. recommends the following ways to keep your data safe online:

  • Don’t reply to unsolicited offers with any personal information or don’t reply at all
  • Don’t open emails from unverified or unknown senders.
  • If you are unsure of the sender’s email address directly contact customer service. Do not reply to that email.
  • Manage your security settings to protect against fraud.
  • Use a pop up blocker on your Internet browser.
  • Delete, manage, or turn off cookies in your browser.
  • Search “Browser Security Settings” for more help.

Learn How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft!

Understanding how fraud and identity theft occur can help you protect yourself and your personal information. Sadly, there are many scammers out there. Know what they’re trying to do by becoming familiar with the following common fraud terminology.

  • Baiting: When an attacker leaves an infected device out, like a USB Drive or CD, that looks legitimate or important.
  • Pretexting: The creation of an elaborate scenario designed to obtain your personal information.
  • Quid Pro Quo: When you are asked for information in return for a gift. Frequently used by an impersonator is offering to fix your computer in exchange for money.
  • Phishing: Fraudulently asking for and obtaining personal information. Often involves an email that appears legitimate at first but is not from the company or person portrayed.
  • Pharming: An online scam where an attempt is made to redirect a website’s traffic to another, fraudulent website.

How Does allU.S. Protect You?

  • You have Zero Liability on lost or stolen credit or debit card reporting.
  • We offer 24/7 fraud monitoring & verification of any potentially fraudulent transactions on your credit or debit card.
  • We use the latest proven technology, we take every precaution with our suite of Smart Banking services to make sure your personal and financial information is secure
  • We use Multi-factor authentication to protect your identity
  • We employ strong, 128-bit encryption for every online transaction.

Security Alert

Security alert regarding a new and dangerous financial malware variant currently named Goznym.

Why this is a concern
This malware, which is targeting banks and credit unions, attempts an account takeover of an end users online banking session in order to commit fraud. Infection methods usually include clicking on links in spam emails or opening infected MS Word documents.

Learn more about the Gozym Virus

Additional Resources

Learn more about online security from

Skip a Pay

Skip your next qualifying payment with Skip a Pay. Most members qualify, so if you need the assistance, just ask and we will see how we can help!

  • Loans/Lines of Credit Current
  • Interest Continues to Accrue
  • Increases Loan Payoff Date
  • May Only be Used Twice in 12 Month Period
  • $30 Processing Fee for Loan Payments $300 or Less per Month
  • $40 Processing Fee for Loan Payments Greater than $300 Per Month
  • Not Eligible for Mortgage or Equity Loans
  • May Not Be Used in Consecutive Months