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The Crown, Game of Thrones, Queen of the South, Ozarks.  Everyone loves a good television show and they are made available to us through mainstream TV via cable and satellite.  Whether it’s Comcast, DirectTV, AT&T, Xfinity or DISH, your cable service has proved to be very expensive – $100/month for 200 channels that most people don’t even watch.  What’s the alternative?  Streaming services that have picked up about 4 million subscribers because it’s cheaper.  If you’re on the fence about cutting the cord, we will discuss why you should, and provide you the options to move forward. 

How do I start my streaming journey? 

If you have an adequate internet connection, you are ready to cut the cable.  So, what now?  The first thing you need to do is obtain some type of streaming device.  This can be a Roku Stick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast or an Amazon Fire Stick.  If you have a smart TV some of these apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube) may already be built into the TV and you can use it instead of a separate streaming device. 

If you are concerned about cutting yourself off from the cable world and your favorite channels, you might consider a subscription cable replacement service like Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation, Vue, Hulu, YouTube TV and many more. 

Word of Caution:  if you sign up for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and Hulu, your bill will start to add up quickly.  Will it be cheaper than a cable bill?  Absolutely.  But make sure you actually use the streaming services you sign up for.

Easy to Use

Cable users usually have a lot of buttons to push with a large menu to select from.  For you cord cutters out there, it’s a lot easier to navigate the shows and watch what you want.  


You get to watch your streaming content anywhere by default, using your mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphones, etc.).  It’s perfect for anyone who is on the road.

Instant Access

Once you switch from cable to streaming, you are in total control of everything you are watching.  You can pause and stop and go back to watch it later.  This is perfect for the binge watcher.  We have a side benefit for you.  You may be able to cut the amount of time you are watching TV.  No more channel surfing and you’ll be more inclined to watch a specific program.

Deciding to cut the cord is definitely hard to do, but all these alternatives can help you be more confident in your decision.  If you are currently paying for a service and there might be a better option out there that meets your needs and especially your budget, then it’s definitely worth a look.  You can watch great shows and save money at the same time by CUTTING THE CORD!.